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Mileage Correction

DashDoc offer their services on the basis that the recoding is for legitimate purposes only (replacement cluster fitted or corrupted reading) and by requesting our services the customer acknowledges that this is the case.

DashDoc comply fully with all the UK LAWS regarding odometer correction, and whilst it is not against the law to correct/alter the reading of the odometer on a vehicle – it is illegal to sell a car with an odometer showing a higher or lower than genuine mileage.


Be Warned


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We carry out digital mileage correction and alterration on all bmw, ferrari, audi, bentley gt, alfa, citroen, vw, merc, mercedes, mazda, saab, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Suzuki, fiat, isuzu, jag, jaguar, ford, Honda, sourer, sorer, saorer, backlighting, back lights, speedo lights, Dash Blackout Repair, fuel guage flicker and finally come on cold weather land rover, range rover, lexus, jeep. Mini, Volkswagen, rollback milage mlage nilage milge millage milege miles counter milometer corecting correcting corect change changing increase lower numbers digits pixels readout mileometer mileagemeter alteration zero yamaha harley davison fatboy rangerover reading readout corection carrection resets jump electonic electric speed spedo blank display program incorect incorrect via alter Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, seat, skoda, Porsche, plus many more. We can also correct the speedometer on most bikes and vans. Give us a call if you if you require your digital odometer or speedo correcting or any of our other services. We now have software to unlock the tv on bmw, new rangerover, rover or the mini, our software can activate unlock the tv via the obd2 port. The tv activation is for the comfort of your passengers only. We offer a mobile services covering areas around Nottingham and also can cover the follow; derby and Derbyshire, Sheffield, chesterfield, Mansfield, Leicester, peterbrorough, Lincoln and Lincolnshire, Birmingham across the west midlands, stoke, northhampton, stoke on trent, Newark, grantham and brum. We also have collegues who cover, London, luton, Manchester, durham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow, Portsmouth, southhampton, south wales and leeds, infact the entire uk.