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Odometer readings Trading Standards website

The mileage indicated by the odometer of a car is a trade description. It will be regarded as an accurate indication of the distance travelled by the vehicle, unless positive and effective steps are taken to ensure that customers are informed that it is meaningless and not to be relied upon.

You must make it clear to customers if an odometer reading is incorrect.

What are the offences relating to mileage descriptions?

Applying a false trade description: This could include altering an odometer reading (e.g. from a higher to lower figure or to zero)*, or making other false claims (written or oral) about a vehicle's mileage.

Supplying or offering to supply a vehicle with a false trade description: This could include simply having the vehicle on the forecourt or selling it with an incorrect odometer reading.

It is also an offence to include a false mileage in an advertisement or on or near the vehicle, for example, 'low mileage' stickers.

On the odd occasion when a car is offered for sale and its odometer unit is found to be faulty and needs to be replaced - either with a new or second-hand unit, a trader must disclose the true mileage and the reason for the difference to any prospective customer.

We comply fully with all the laws regarding odometer correction and it is not an offence in this country to change the odometer on your own personal vehicle or to correct a false reading, it is an offence to sell the vehicle knowing that the reading is lower than that of the actual reading. This onus is upon the owner only.

If the vehicle's mileage cannot be guaranteed you must display a disclaimer on the odometer the same size or larger than the odometer itself.