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:: What is A Remap ::

A remap is basically a reworking / update of the vehicles running parameters. Also known as chipping or chip tuning a professional remap is a risk free way to make your car drive the way that you want it to.

:: How Does A Remap Work ::

Modern engines have an electronic management device called an ECU (Engine Control Unit) that controls how the engine behaves. When you put your foot down, the ECU decides how much fuel and air to mix, squirt into the cylinder and ignite. The
ECU is also responsible for the behaviour of your turbo.
When you have your engine remapped / chipped / chip tuned or whatever other term you want to use, the ECU parameters are changed to maximise the more most important characteristics of your car for your requirements. Whether that be performance or better economy - either way you will be getting more from your engine.

:: Types Of Remap ::

There are several variations of Remap that can be applied to your car depending on your specific requirements. All remaps should be tested by the developer to make sure that they are fit for purpose.

:: ECO / Economy Remap ::

A remap designed solely to make your vehicle the most economical it can be with as little or even no effect on the vehicles performance. You can expect efficiency gains of around 15% overall.
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:: Power / Performance Remap ::

A remap designed to maximise the available power from your engine and to streamline the power delivery. Depending on the engine and ancillaries being tuned you can expect up to 30% gains.
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:: Custom Remap ::

If your requirements are more specific we can make a map to suit your exact requirements. If you have modified your engine or changed the turbo for example - you will need a remap that takes these factors into account. We can work with you to get the management parameters you want, full rolling road facilities are available.
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:: DPF Delete Remap ::

Diesel Particulate Filters have been fitted to vehicles in the Uk for some time now, becoming compulsory in 2009. The way in which they work requires a rethink on how you drive your car - they are not suitable for everyone. If you have DPF issues they can make your vehicle sluggish, uneconomical or even un driveable. The fix at your dealers is almost always over £1000. We can release your car from the DPF stranglehold, back to how a traditional diesel should behave - massively cheaper than renewing the DPF every few years.
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